Multicore is a technology publication about hardware and design. It’s here to catalogue what's exciting and important in the world of computers, chips, and beyond.

Multicore is written by me, Sam Byford, in Tokyo. I covered tech for a decade at The Verge with a focus on Asia. More recently I was a senior correspondent at Reuters covering markets.

Here are the guiding principles of Multicore:

  • Original, experienced analysis from someone who uses this stuff passionately

  • Definitive product reviews with clear opinions and attention to detail

  • Fair, open-minded criticism and coverage with no punches pulled

  • A fundamental curiosity about computer-adjacent technology

  • Commentary that goes beyond a US-centric perspective

  • Quality curation that keeps you up to date on what you missed and why it matters

  • Occasional tangents into my deepest obsessions

  • Regular photos of my dog Pascal, with varying degrees of relevance to the adjacent content, but hey I’m going to need to test cameras

The plan is for Multicore to be my favourite tech site in the world, which isn't an insurmountable goal considering I'm the one writing it, but I'm really hopeful and optimistic that others will like it too. If that's you, please do subscribe and spread the word, or even consider a paid subscription.

Thank you so much for reading. Let's do this.


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Multicore is about technology hardware and design. It's written from Tokyo by Sam Byford.